Eurom Consultancy and Studies offers a large range of services targeted to develop and increase the competitiveness of its clients:

  1. Consulting: for microfinance providers, policy makers, donors/investors in Risk management, FX risk management, Delinquency management, Portfolio management, Strategic management and planning, Partnerships and strategic alliances, Public – private partnership in microfinance, Functional management: marketing, new product development , sales, accounting, negotiations, human resources; Improvement of MIS and reporting; Compliance with European Code of Good conduct for microcredit providers, Financial Engineering Instruments funded by EU programs, Legal framework for microfinance.

  2. Training courses:courses for microfinance providers: tailored training package for microfinance providers on specific topics e.g. strategic management, risk management, portfolio management, marketing and new product development, project management, sales management, team management.

  3. Research and preparation of specific studies: e.g. performance assessment and benchmarking microfinance providers, business plans, analysis - diagnosis, feasibility studies.

“Client first” – is an innovative product that combines financial services: credit, equity or micro-credits for investments in productive assets and equipment’s acquisition, with business development services for clients and potential clients: SMEs, micro-enterprises, farmers, start-up entrepreneurs, spin-offs of large enterprises.

The product is implemented in partnership with Non- bank Financial Institutions through organising “projects’ clinics” (workshops) for NBFI’s clients and potential clients aimed to assess the clients’ investment projects’ feasibility using a forecasting tool developed as MS-Excel application.

The structure of the workshop consist in one hour presentation of the investment’s assessment methodology, and interpretation of the investment indicators, followed by an one to one working session: client and NBFI’s credit officer / Eurom consultant, consisting in input data compilation, calculation of the investment project indicators, forecasts and interpretation of the investment’s indicators, forecasted P&L and cash flow.

Based on the results of the analysis the client may decide on investment’s opportunity, the size, the implementation schedule of the investment, and will get guidance in the selection of the appropriate financial product from the NBFI offer that will fit to the investment characteristics and availability of financial resources for reimbursement, e.g. value of the loan, loan period, grace period (for interest), repayment schedule, etc.

Client first description (PDF)
Client first report (PDF)