Sabina Ganci

Senior consultant for SMEs

Elena Sabina Ganci has 15 years of experience in the management of industrial processes, 5 years consultancy in the design, delivery and management of technical assistance projects for SMEs. She has implemented projects in training, consulting in career development and market studies for business development, structural funds co-financing, business process analysis, business planning, marketing for micro entreprises, communication and negotiations, with a wide range of multilateral organizations and national development organizations.

Education: Ms. Ganci has a Master's degree in engineering and is certified Project manager and Train of Trainers.

Training: Design and deliver training programs on various topics for SMEs, MFIs, entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs and government Institutions.

SMEs development and access to finance: Technical assistance for Start-up and entrepreneurship development, Business and Marketing planning, Selling techniques, Management techniques, HR management, Financial management: feasibility of the investment, loan/ investment application

Project management: implementing and monitoring Human resources development grants funded from structural funds.

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