Main achievements

Consulting missions Consulting missions for MFIs, Credit Unions, Central and local authorities in Romania, Balkan countries,Uzbekistan and Tajikistan since 2002 to present.

Training programs for MFIs, Credit Unions, Social enterprises, SMEs, Central and Local authorities in Romania, Balkan and Central Asian Countries in Financial management, Social entrepreneurship, economic development, Business development training programs for clients and potential clients of MFIs since 2002 to present.

Research and studies: Benchmarking studies of MF sectors in Romania and Uzbekistan financed by JASMINE EC/EIF, EMN, EBRD, USAID, UNDP; Potential market assessment and competition analysis of the Romanian MF sector; Romanian Cooperative System assessment - research for CoopEast; Romanian Microfinance Coalition - case study for the project ‘Developing Common Tools for Public Authorities and Financial Institutions; Microfinance Market survey for Romanian and coordination of the Eastern European surveys: Bulgaria, Slovakia and Czech Republic; Microfinance sector assessment report, 2010– 2011, 2012-1013, development of countries reports and coordinator of the research in the Balkans and Eastern European Countries; Assessment of the UNDP Kosovo micro- credit scheme; Feasibility study of the Micro-credit guarantee fund in Kosovo; New legal framework for Non- Bank Financial Institutions in Serbia- Impact assessment .

Other studies and technical assistance assignments: MFIs Performance assessment; Feasibility studies and TA for Financial Engineering Instruments; Revolving microcredit schemes; Guarantee funds for SMEs, Equity investments in SMEs; Grant Scheme for Local/Regional development and rural development.

Eurom was member of the EMN board of directors as Vice-president for Central and Eastern Europe between 2006-2010. Coordinated and leaded the EMN’s Legal and Regulatory Working Group and for the last 6 years (2007 – 2013) and partnered EMN in the implementation of JASMINE Help Desk and JASMINE Workshops.

Eurom contributed, along other key stakeholders of the MF sector in Europe, to the development of the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision.

Eurom plans to establish strategic alliances and partnerships in the field of microfinance with European consulting and specialised service providers companies and European microfinance associations, and to consolidate its position among the Romanian consulting companies specialised in services for the microfinance sector.