Adrian Chindris

Senior consultant Microfinance

Adrian Chindris has 16 years of executive and consulting experience in microfinance, SME lending and business development. For nine years he acted as CEO and Board Member of CAPA Finance (actual Patria Credit Romania). In the last three years he worked as consultant under ARCUS Development brand or as subcontractor of large global consulting organisations (PlaNet Finance, MEDA, Shore Bank International) in Africa, South Asia and East Europe. His activities are mainly focused on MFI transformation, internal processes, risk management and product development.

Education: Education: Mr. Chindris holds a Diploma in Management from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca, Romania and a Master in Management at Open University United Kingdom.

Key qualifications:

  • Management of Non Bank Financial Institutions
  • Commercialization of MFI and transformations determined by changes in Central Banks oversight
  • Management of the MFI’s transformation process into microfinance - commercial bank
  • Business planning and budgeting (including Microfin)
  • Diagnose of credit processes, operational staff quality
  • Risk management and internal control for MFI
  • Training on management, microbusiness and SME analysis for LO.

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