Adina China-Birta

Senior consultant

Adina China-Birta has 18 years of experience in microfinance (strategy and product management) and banking, covering product management and factoring. Adina has been general manager of Patria Credit Foundation for 4 years.

Education: Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, School of International Business and Economics

Bucharest School of Management, Romanian-Canadian MBA Program, Specialization in Finance

Key qualifications:

Banking: MDesign, implementation and development of banking products, relationship management, credit assessment, product management, business development, strategy.

Microfinance: Market segmentation, customer segmentation, competition analysis, product development, bancassurance, applications for grants (Jasmine, POSDRU, Jeremie).

Factoring & trade finance: Commercial support through issuing factoring, forfaiting offers to clients, risk assessment, factoring operations, letters of credit, incasso, discounting of letters of credit.

Training and Consulting: Design and deliver training for MFIs, SMEs, NGOs, MFI clients on topics like access to (micro)finance, financial products, risk management, product development. Consulting for MFIs, NGOs on various topics. Teaching course of International Business and Trade to Universitatea de Nord.

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